Sunday, February 1, 2015

Building two Melonseed skiffs, to Barto's 16' plans

A while back my friend John asked me to help him build a sailboat. We settled on the Barto 16' Melonseed. I started cutting out parts about a month ago and now it's time to start documenting the progress. I'll post pictures and questions and comments on the build as it progresses.

Shortly after I started the build, I realized I would like to build one for myself. So when practical, I am building two of some components. For example, I started with the stem and transom, so I have built my stem on the mold while he is busy cutting out the parts for his stem. I have built both of our transoms, although his is solid mahogany and mine is an ash frame that will be covered in marine ply. So they will both be the same boat with different trim.

Almost 15 years ago, John and I worked together to build a 15' row boat based on the Rangely Lakes boat from John Gardner's book "Building small craft". John proved himself a very capable craftsman. It was a pleasure helping him on that project, and I know this build will also be a great pleasure.

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